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How to create a Shop on Facebook and import the products from my e-commerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket?

If you have a Facebook Company Page, you can add a store. Use this section to advertise your products and connect with more consumers on Facebook.

Any business can have a store, but this feature is most useful to sellers, retailers and e-commerce advertisers. It is recommended for companies that sell clothing items, accessories (including handbags and bags), household furniture and products for babies or children. However, other types of business can also use a store to reach more people on Facebook.

01) Step
Purchase a E-commerce Shopping Cart from

02) Step
After setting up your virtual store completely and registering all products import your products to Facebook Products following the tutorial:

03) Step
Promote your Facebook shop to your social network and increase your sales

With the e-commerce shopping cart platform, you can sell to all countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Central America, North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Need an e-commerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket, check out the plans: