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Free website in wordpress with different designs, customized with your branding, image and color of your business

Check out some models of sites for all types of business, each model can be customized with your branding, images, colors and content of your company, business or product.

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Check out the models, visit:

Ideal for:
Gym / fitness / sport and recreation center
Real Estate Agent / Broker Finance
Publicity agency
travel agency
Tailor / Sewing services
Vacation rentals
Warehouse / Groceries
Nursing home
Investment Adviser
Association tenants
Driving school
Band / Choir / Music Club
Beauty / Hairdressers and barbers
Bike shop
Café / Bar
Carpentry / Embedded
Car / Automotive Workshop
Air conditioning (services and products)
Clubs / Associations
Sports clubs / associations / leagues
Car dealership
IT Consultant / IT Services
Accountant / Tax Services
Creation and development of websites
Home decoration / Accessories
Interior Design / Remodeling
Designer / Artist
Disco / Nightclub
Electrician / Electrician Contractor
Electronic / Appliances
Construction Company / Construction
Plumber / Plumbing Contractor
Entertainment / Leisure (Billiards, Arcades)
School / College / University
Law firm / Notary
Sports / Sports equipment
Beauty Studio, manicure and pedicure
Photographic studio
Events (weddings / parties / corporate meetings)
Physiotherapist / Masseur
Florist / Floriculture
Consulting group
Printing / copying and printing service
Gardening / Landscaping
Laundry / Dry cleaning / ironing services
Antique shop
Toy store
Hardware store
Computer shop
Bike shop
General Manufacturing
Fashion / Clothing Store
Changes / Storage Services
Faith-based organizations
Nonprofits / NGOs
Bakery / Confectionery
Stationery / Office
Pet Supplies (Salon Animal / ride)
Painter / wallpaper
Farmers / Small producers
Chiropractor / Osteopath
Human Resources
Casual meals
Home improvement / building materials
PR / Marketing / Communication Services
Shoe store
Post services
Cleaning services
Spa / Beauty treatment
Roofs / Contractor roofs
Type generic business
Freight / Trailers
Taxi / Limousine / transport services charter
Glass / Glazing
Web design
and more …

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New Customer: Ecommerce Shopping Cart Saluzie Jóias

by admin

Nós, da Saluzie Jóias, gostaríamos de contribuir para a celebração de momentos especiais da vida, momentos estes que merecem ser presenteados com algumas de nossas primorosas joias. Para que conseguíssemos levar ao público peças que pudessem não só transmitir a deslumbrante beleza de uma joia, mas, a validade eterna; tivemos que trazer a mais pura matéria prima.

Anéis, Brincos, Pulseiras e Braceletes, Colares e Pingentes, Alianças, Piercings, Saluzie Joias, Anéis, Brincos, Pulseiras e Braceletes, Colares e Pingentes, Alianças, Piercings, Anéis, Ouro 18K, Prata, Diamante, Pérola, Pedras, Solitário, Noivado, Formatura, Debutante, Masculinos, Religiosos, Alianças, Tradicionais, Especiais, Meia Aliança, Prata

Acesse a loja virtual:

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Site for restaurants, shops, and Pizza Delivery in WordPress with System Menu / Menu online, Order, Delivery and Payment Online

by admin

Site for restaurants, shops, pizzerias and Delivery in WordPress with System Menu / Menu online, Order, Delivery and Payment Online, many features to enhance your site: responsive layouts, better optimization for search sites, choose your template or theme wordpress and more

Check out the demo site:

Learn more about plans and prices:

Screen Shot 10-26-15 at 10.49 AM

Why use the ecommerce shopping cart platform mformula if you sell or want to sell the mercado libre?

Screen Shot 10-20-15 at 04.28 PM

With the online store platform mformula can:

Free Market products relate to the shop
Import Free Market products for online store
Manage Free Market products
Synchronize data from the virtual store products with Free Market
Post / edit products in the shop and the Free Market
Manage multiple products on the virtual store and the Free Market
Manage questions and the Free Market customer answers
Manage and import multiple of the free market customer orders
Giving feedback on sales achieved in the free market
and much more

In addition to using customer data to send email marketing with mformula mail tool.

In addition to many other features:
Integration of applications with electronic invoice sender software from the IRS
Shopping Club Subscription with Recurring Payment
Online shop on their facebook page
Free advertising in the MFORMULA Shopping
Integration with Buscapé, Shopping UOL, Bondfaro, Google Shopping, OLX and other
Integration with ERP software
System DhopShipping / Reseller / Triangulation
Import / Update / Synchronize large-scale inventory of products via API SquidFacil
Friendly URLs
System telesales
Inventory control
Optimization in search engines
and much more

Meet the virtual store platform mformula:


Learn more by visiting:

MFORMULA launches website specializing in web hosting, corporate email, free website in wordpress and linux vps managed

by admin

Web hosting with quality and safety

Screen Shot 10-19-15 at 09.31 AM

Disk Space and Monthly Transfer in GB, Stay multi domains at no additional cost, e-mail accounts, Free Setup, by Telephone Support, Chat and Help Desk

E-mails corporate offer more credibility for your company or self-employed. Use and get e-mails, for example: or Win more clients than using free email services available on the Internet or your connection provider.

Free Site in WordPress
Hiring a MFORMULA hosting plan free install WordPress and Template for you to create your website or blog. Choose from thousands of templates.

Servers Fully Managed Protection anti DDOS Automatic Updates Anti Protection Virus Firewall Included We make managing your server Complete maintenance of hardware (failure analysis, spare parts, etc.) and software management (operating system maintenance and maintenance of operating software basic delivered to your server).

Go to:

Tips to define it in subject email marketing campaigns

by admin

Inefficient subjects in your email messages can hurt a campaign that took weeks of planning and knock you out.

The subject is the first thing your recipient sees. If it is bad, it’s all he’ll see. Apply time and effort to write a good subject.

First we have to remember that the purpose of the subject line of the email marketing is to draw attention and arouse the reader’s interest, so that it opens your message. For this to happen, we will give some tips here for you to issues relevant to their campaigns:

Some words have a negative weight before the anti-spam filters and hardly their campaigns reach the recipients’ inboxes. Avoid using phrases such as “Promotion”, “Free”, “Money” and “Work at home”

Try to understand what is the need of your audience and delivered what he wants to receive.

Avoid very long subject lines and full of information. Be direct and objective. Get to the point!

“Fun Caracters” may also fall well in the subject line.

Create unique benefits. Offer them exclusive benefits, that they could not find anywhere else. To adopt such an approach, abuse contests, raffles, discounted and backstage.

Let your personal business. Use the pronoun “you” to develop a personal relationship with your recipient. Let your contacts feel as if you were speaking directly to them by email.

Create a sense of urgency in your subject. Go back to those old rules of marketing. They work.

Suggested subjects used by some companies:

Graduate in CompanyName | Last day for you to make your registration!

Exclusive offers, benefits and advantages, is here!

We want your opinion!

His weekly newsletter here!

We invite you to test our new service!

Limited Time Offer!

40% discount for the first subscribers

Buy before they run out!

Only while supplies last

We love you. To show this we are giving you a …

Special thanks for passing by here last week, 20% discount …

You did not win our raffle, but receive 15% discount on …

News in the structure of an email campaign

We are innovating, getting results and you can also

Needs a complete email marketing tool with the best market price, check in

Site for Hotel, Inn and Resort in integrated WordPress with Booking System and Payment Online

by admin

Integrated the reservation system and pay online for hotels, inns and resorts in wordpress sites, many features to enhance your website: responsive layouts, better optimization for search sites, choose your template or wordpress theme, reservation system and separate payment wordpress and more

Check out the demo site:

Learn more about plans and prices:

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