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Linking Google Merchant Center to the Google AdWords

Linking Google Merchant Center to the Google AdWords

First step is to integrate your shop to merchant google, go to:

If your store is already integrated knows how to link the Google Merchant Center to the Google AdWords

Ready to use your Google Merchant Center product data to display ads from product list Shopping Campaigns? You need to link your Google Merchant Center account to your AdWords account to start. Once they are linked, you can take advantage of Google AdWords campaign tools directed at retail to improve their presence on the Web. Google Merchant Center product data can also be used to configure dynamic remarketing campaigns, site inventory and ads much more.

Why link AdWords to Google Merchant Center
In approving the link to a Google Merchant Center account, you will allow your product data is processed by Google AdWords for use in advertising campaigns. Depending on the data type of product that you send, you can create Shopping Campaigns to advertise products, use dynamic remarketing to boost their campaigns Display Network and more.

What happens when you link your Google Merchant Center to the Google AdWords
Only the Google Merchant Center account owner may apply for linking accounts. The new requests link between accounts are displayed on the “related accounts” of your AdWords account, located in the drop-down menu “Settings”.
When the Google AdWords account owner approves the request, some information is shared between accounts. Product information Google Merchant Center are available in Google AdWords to create the campaign. Certain AdWords statistics such as clicks are shown in the Google Merchant Center account linked.
Both the AdWords account owner and the Google Merchant Center can remove the link at any time. Neither party can make changes to other linked account. For example, the Google Merchant Center account owner can not pause or launch campaigns or make changes to bids AdWords escrow account.
If you remove the link between accounts, you can not create new campaigns in AdWords that depend on the product information that Google Merchant Center account.
Before you begin, make sure you have the right level of access to your AdWords account. You need to have “standard access” or “Administrative access” to approve the binding requests to the Google Merchant Center on Google AdWords.

Step 1: Request to link the Google Merchant Center to the Google AdWords
You will get the link from the Google Merchant Center. You can link multiple AdWords accounts to a single Google Merchant Center account, but only one AdWords account can be linked to multiple Google Merchant Center accounts.

In your Google Merchant Center account, click Settings, and Google AdWords.
Enter your Google AdWords account Customer ID you want to link. The client ID is at the top of any AdWords page when you are connected near their e-mail.
Click Add.
Step 2: approval of binding requests Google Merchant Center on Google AdWords
When a Google Merchant Center account sends a link request, such invitations appear in the table in its “related accounts” page of Google AdWords.

Click the gear icon (), select Accounts linked in “Account Settings” and open the Google Merchant Center section.
Click the Preview button request.
Review details of the application. The link between accounts does not grant administrative access to any of the owners of the accounts, and you or the Google Merchant Center account holder can unlink them at any time.
To approve the link, click Approve.
To reject this link, click Reject and confirm that you want to reject it. If you want to link these accounts later you need to send a new bind request from Google Merchant Center.
Manage your linked accounts
After you link your Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords accounts, you can cancel or resubmit binding requests, or unlink them at any time.

Google Merchant Center, you can manage your AdWords account linked by clicking Settings> Google AdWords.

In Google AdWords, manage Google Merchant Center accounts linked using the table on the “Link Accounts”.

Escrow account status

Link needs approval Need of its adoption: the owner of this Google Merchant Center account asked to link to your AdWords account. You can approve or reject the requests received.
Accounts linked Linked: Your AdWords account has been linked to this account Google Merchant Center, and remarketing lists of account applications were activated.

Learn more by visiting:

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