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New Layouts / Templates for Online Shop – Electronic Commerce, Electronic Catalogue of Products / Services and Supermarket OnLine – OnLine Shopping Cart for Supermarket

Check out the models:









White Clean

Hiring a Virtual Store – Electronic Commerce, Electronic Catalogue of Products / Services and Supermarket OnLine – OnLine Shopping Cart for Supermarket mformula shop you can choose the template you want to use the Control Panel, you can also insert, edit, delete, enable and disable template without the need to know programming, performing only upload images or choosing colors. You can define templates for scheduled start date and end, leaving a Virtual Store with the theme pre-programmed, eg Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year and others.

• The contents displayed in the images are models for illustrative example, as seals, banners, products etc and all models have the same features.
• Your store can be 100% expandable screen or fixed width.
• The menu of categories and sub​​-categories on the left side and top can be changed through the Control Panel, without the need to know programming.

Ideal for:
Food and Beverage
Art and Antiques
Religious Articles
Accessories / Parts for Cars
Accessories / Parts for Aircraft
Accessories / Parts for Trucks
Accessories / Motorcycle Parts
Accessories / Parts for Tractors
Babies and Cia
Toys and Games
Home and Decoration
CDs, DVDs and Vinyl Records
Construction and Tools
Cosmetics and Perfumery
Flowers, Gift Baskets and Gifts
Industry, Commerce and Business
Musical Instruments
Jewelry / Jewelry
Fashion and Accessories
Stationery and Office
pet Shop
Fri Shop
and more …

New Customer: Ecommerce Shopping Cart System BRUNA BONETTI – Moda Praia


Hoje é uma loja apenas virtual totalmente dedicada a revenda de biquínis de alta qualidade . Estamos começando, totalmente novinha para atender vocês e a sua satisfação será sempre o nosso sucesso.

Todas as peças do site são pronta entrega e caso queira encomendar alguma peça temos um grupo no Facebook e pode nos procurar.

Nossa loja é totalmente familiar e estamos a disposição para sempre lhe atender.

Acesse o site:

Prayer to purify the environment

Thank you, God, for this sacred site work.
God, enlighten, guide and protect all who enter here.
God, thank you for your safety and protection.
Every inch of the area of this house blessed, God manifests purifying it permanently.

Thank God.

Those who come with bad thoughts, the blessed cross this door, God the Father will cleanse the mind, making it our best friends (as).

God watches over and protects this sacred place of work, causing people to have the satisfaction of being in this with us and share our friendship.


Integrated structured data to help Google understand content on your website on the platform of Virtual Store, Electronic Catalogue and Virtual Supermarket

Structured data helps Google understand content on your website , which can be used to display rich snippets in search results .

About rich snippets and structured data
Snippets , small lines of text that appear under every search result , have been developed to give users an idea about the content of the page and why it is relevant to the query .

If Google understand the content of your pages , we can create rich snippets : detailed information to help users with specific queries . For example , the snippet of a restaurant can show the average rating and price range , the snipppet a recipe page can show the total preparation time , a photo of the assessment and classification of revenue and album snippet of a song can list music along with a link to each play . These rich snippets help users identify whether the site is relevant to the search and may result in more clicks on your page .

Integrated use of microdata ( recommended by Google ) on the platform of Virtual Store , Electronic Catalogue and Virtual Supermarket

about microdata
The HTML5 microdata specification is a way to label content to describe a specific type of information, for example , reviews , person information or events . Each information type describes a specific type of item, such as a person , an event or a review . For example , an event has the properties venue , starting time , name and category.

Microdata use simple attributes in HTML tags ( or often ) to assign short names and descriptions to items and properties .