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New Customer: KSF Contábil – Contabilidade e Legalização – Somos especializados em assessoria contábil, fiscal, tributária e trabalhista

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Novo Cliente: KSF Contábil – Contabilidade e Legalização – Somos especializados em assessoria contábil, fiscal, tributária e trabalhista

contabilidade, legalização, rio de janeiro, santo cristo, ksf contábil, contador, Contabilidade geral, Departamento pessoal, Departamento Fiscal, MEI, EFD Contribuições, Planejamento Tributário, Legalização de empresas, Imposto de Renda PJ e PF, Cálculos Trabalhistas, Serviços de certidões, Assessoria no andamento da fiscalização, Assessoria no adequado tratamento tributário do ato cooperativo em ambito administrativo e contábil

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Tips how to index in Google and Bing faster

Make your site appear in Google quickly is very important for you to see faster results in your business, in this article we will talk about a very important topic, which are ways to quickly index your site in Google. First of all we already warning that we are against any irregular shape that goes against the policy terms for indexing site that go against Google’s policy. As this does not help can still punish your site, so do not practice anything that goes against Google’s policy.

Knowing how to index a site in Google quickly is very important, so that you can get results more quickly than just launch your site to the air without making any of the forms specified because it may take longer for your site to be indexed, and worst of all, without taking these measures, you will not get a good position in Google searches, so here are tips that will only serve to index your site better in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Where others.

Have patience

The first thing you should keep in mind that it is common and linger a while new sites to be indexed. This can take days, weeks, months or even years and it happens because Google needs before anything else, to better understand the site in question and “get confidence” that site.

Add URL to Google

The first and most basic of all is requesting an application with the Google indexing your URL, so Google robots are already adding your URL to Google engine to proceed with this first step the main Google (http:/ / / add_url.html).

Register your site in Google Webmaster

By registering your site with Google Webmaster you will receive diagnostic data, and tools that will help you to constantly improve your website so that it will always be well positioned in the search engines.

Google Webmaster:
Bing Webmaster:

Note: This service is now provided automatically to customers MFORMULA at no additional cost.

Create and submit a Sitemap
Creating and submitting a sitemap is essential for the release of your site. It is by submitting the sitemap that Google will be notified of the contents of the given site and it is through him that it will scan the entire site.

URL of sitemaps stores, electronic catalogs and virtual supermarket:

URL of sitemaps sites:

Note: This service is now provided automatically to customers MFORMULA at no additional cost.

Invest in SEO site and written texts

Bonds well written, correct categorization, alt the images, correct use of H’s (H1, H2 …) with keywords worked well in such securities, friendly url, canonical tag are just some of the factors that should be worked into your site and in published files.

Promote your site on social networks like twitter and facebook

The same observations of the previous section are for social networks, in addition, another important factor is that links from such sites, even with nofollow already influence the positioning, or are undergoing some sort of relevance to anyone who is “linked”;

Build links to your site

Register your site in quality directories, comment on forums of quality and subject related to your site and add the link to your signature the same, get with some friends noticiem on their blogs and websites the launch of your website and make sure that they “Linkam” to your website, write articles and submit them to article directories and mainly use their imagination to publicize your site and getting links to it.

Create a blog to your website for more information, visit:

Advertise on sponsored links, for more information visit:

Recently, a blog outside of Brazil did a test on what they called myths google: Google indexation Busting myths ( .)

They tested the following:
* Google indexes a website if you add the Google Analytics code.
* Google indexes a website if you add an AdWords.
* Google indexes a website if you add an AdSense.
* Google indexes pages that can only be reached by links with nofollow.
* Google indexes pages blocked in robots.txt.

Except for the last item, flagged as “plausible,” the rest was branded as a myth.

Tips for your online ecommerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket is a success and customer loyalty

The stores are evolving, we increasingly competitive in the online market and consumers are becoming more demanding. With this scenario the little details start to make a big difference in the fight to improve the results of your online store and increase your profitability.

Accordingly, after several studies and analyzes, especially of the biggest players in the U.S. market, following a series of practical tips for you to increase the conversion rate of your online store and therefore your return on investment (ROI). Before we begin it is important to emphasize that there is no point applying the tips in practice if you can not measure the results of this application, it is therefore essential to have a tool like Google Analytics properly installed and configured for this to be possible.

Learn how to set up google analytics in your store, please visit:

1. Establishing a good after-sales

Most customers of e-commerce is only one online purchase. This situation develops because the user did not have a good shopping experience. Companies investing in post-sales e-commerce tend to have loyal customers and frequent, because it establishes a commodity by purchasing online, which enables to purchase products without having to leave the tranquility of home.

2. Creating loyal customers

Since the experience of delivery and post sale are quality and meet customer expectations, you frequent customers win. These customers are much cheaper, in view of acquiring a sale than new customers because loyal customer, who has already made a purchase in their online store, it will not click on a link to access their paid store since he knows the address of its virtual store.

Also, with the knowledge of the buying habits of a customer, you have the possibility to send e-mails offering him exactly what he likes and if the habit of buying products includes recurring, you can know when the product is running out and provide replacement.

Tools for Disclosure

For disclosure, you should invest in Marketing Ecommerce see some important options:

3. Paid Search (sponsored links)

Basically allows the purchase of keywords in search sites, or if you sell tennis racquet you can buy the word “tennis-racket-to” to redirect the results of this search for your site.

For more information, visit:

4. Email Marketing

You can also use the so-called E-mail Marketing, shooting campaigns by e-mail to your customers and developing strategies increasingly customized indication purchase.

For more information, visit:
Note: The MFORMULA offers to customers the system of sending E-mail Marketing with a limit of up to 5,000 emails per month at no cost / free.

5. Social Networks

It is also important to create and develop relationships with their customers through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to increase and spread their brand and their products to their customers.

For more information, visit:

6. SEO

Besides these options, one very important strategy for disclosure is store optimization for site search, called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a procedure in the medium and long term, it takes 6-9 months to bear fruit result. We suggest that retailers seek consulting companies specializing in SEO.

The e-commerce platform of SEO MFORMULA already has installed without additional charge, check the email instructions, resources and benefits plans and services.

Challenges of the Brazilian e-commerce

At the current e-commerce, the great frontier to be conquered and can establish a higher level of conversion and improve sales index of every person who enters your site. Thus, some important features are:

7. Good product photos

Possess good pictures of products on e-commerce is crucial for the client to get to know your product and decide to buy it. Therefore, it is essential that they are professionals and are a good treatment, because as the image of the product is a decision criterion when buying.

8. Recommend the right products.

Ie state to purchase the best products on the customer’s preference.

9. Using the System Recovery Cart

Through this system, and with access to user data, you can find out why the purchase was not converted, by contacting the customer reaches the end of the buying process puts a product into your cart and end up not converting.

You also have the option of sending an e-mail making a special offer to encourage the purchase is made.

For more information, visit:

10. Every opportunity

Actually, electronic commerce is a powerful tool and a great business opportunity. However, it requires dedication, hard work and investment.

Currently, Brazil has nearly 80 million Internet users, of which 14% buy online purchase and perform in a scenario very close in ecommerce national, all other users who have not made a purchase in e-commerce, will perform. See data on the growth of e-commerce in Brazil in 2013/2014.

So if you find your niche, develop a good sales planning and use the platform MFORMULA, you will have a successful web store.

Do not miss sales of your online ecommerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket with abandoned cart, use the stove smart with email notification

How does it work?
The functionality “recuperator Abandoned Cart” aims to retrieve the carts that are abandoned by users logged into the store. How it works: it consists in triggering emails scheduled and configured by the store administrator for the user who left the cart after a certain time.

The tool identifies the user who attempted to make a purchase and not finished, and comes into contact with it via e-mail;

Recover up to 30% of the abandoned cart of your online store;

Increase your customer’s satisfaction with a differentiated service;

How to use?
Go to the control panel of your webshop

After logging in click Clients >> Pending Cart

Select the abandoned carts and email template, click the following button to notify customers

Create Hotsites for your Ecommerce Shoppinng Cart, Electronic Catalogue or Supermarket Commemorative Dates for Virtual Woman’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day and Christmas

Hotsites sites are mostly with small amounts of pages, and have a objtivo which is the release of a product or service, and most often has a short-term use, eg, Commemorative Dates Women’s Day, Easter Day Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day and Christmas

Imagine the situation for a company, the company needs a new product launch, and change the institutional website is out of planes, one Hotsite fits like a glove in this case, some of the larger companies use Hotsites to disseminate their products, services, events, parties and so on. The Hotsite can have a visual appeal much more aggressive and even a larger commercial appeal, and the good thing is that it does not conflict with the company website.

Technically there is no difference between a website and an Hotsite, what differs is the use and communication strategy that is being adopted.

Learn how to create, edit, delete a HotSite for your Virtual Store, Electronic Catalogue or Virtual Supermarket, visit: