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“Good manners” in the actions of e-mail marketing

The Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing (ABEMD) developed this list of “good manners” to contribute to the structuring of stock e-mail marketing. This is a series of recommendations that lead to an ethical use, relevant and responsive e-mail as a marketing tool. These guidelines are based on respect for the recipients of the shares and also the proper use of the Internet, which certainly will help companies achieve desired results and build a solid relationship and mutual trust with customers and prospects.

1 – Ethics. Operate within the Code of Ethics ABEMD, appraises detail best practices in direct marketing.

2 – Opt in. The first receiving is very important, it marks the beginning of the relationship. You must have permission to continue the relationship through the opt-in receiver, both when it looks like when it is sought.
When the person who seeks the company, the field where the choice is made for receiving the message must be visible and clear description of the product or service offered.

When the company is looking for the person who, in the case of the first contact should be told how it was possible to reach it, explaining the product or service offered and clearly display the opt-in alternative. If the person does not respond to e-mail marked with this alternative, it should be understood not want to receive new messages.

3 – opt out. Every message must have opt out. It is the prerogative of the receiver to decide when you no longer want to receive messages from particular sender.

4 – Use of e-mail address. When there is a previous registration, it should be clear that the electronic address can be used to send advertising messages, ie, the generation of leads themselves or, if appropriate, also passed in order to send advertising messages. And the receiver should express their agreement with this.

5 – Size of files. Always try to limit the size of uploaded files, whether in the body of messages or attachments. One should always bear in mind the public than the average in technological training (software, hardware and connection mode). It is suggested messages in txt or html format, the latter with a maximum size of 12 KB, and the pictures (gif’s) are not attached to the message, but located on the server itself.

6 – Self-executable. Should not be sent files with self-functioning. The self-executable files are programs that the managers e-mail can read and interpret, automatically initiating a process that is not necessarily desired by the receiver. This type of file also makes the system vulnerable to virus transmission (intentionally or not).

7 – Relevance. The consumer does not mind receiving a message of commercial, provided it is relevant to him. So worry is always with the concept of relevance.

8 – Frequency. It should preferably offer the customer the option to tick your preferred frequency of receiving information or request that he choose between different alternatives intervals that are offered. When you can not make the offer that option, you must make clear what the frequency of sending messages.

9 – Policy relationship. It should always be clear that the relationship policy adopted, which can be done by means of a contract / commitment made formally with the consumer.

Add Price selecting days of the week per person for adults and children or number of people in the room on the Site for Hotel – Resort with Reserve System and Pay Online

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On the website for Hotel, Inns and Resorts is part of the ability to add pricing selecting days of the week per person for adults and children or people in the room.

Check the print screen:

Screen control panel page for price management

Create a site for Hotel – Resort for more information, visit: