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Integrated import of bulk products via CSV or by URLs from in the shopping cart, e-commerce, marketplace, dropshipping, electronic catalog and virtual supermarket platform

For dropshipping or B2B resellers to create an online store in a few minutes, importing multiple products via CSV or by URLs from is integrated into the shopping cart, e-commerce, marketplace, dropshipping, electronic catalog and virtual supermarket platform

Learn how to import multiple products via CSV, go to:

Learn how to import multiple products by URLs, go to:

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🚀 🛒 Is your stock is it stopped? Are your sales is it slow? Turn your online e-commerce into a DropShipping / Drop Shipping platform

✔ Create free subscription plans or recurring monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual payment integrated with PayPal or PagSeguro
✔ DropShipper / Reseller can create a store quickly with the product feed for platforms such as mformula, lojaintegrada, jumpseller, ecwid, woocommerce, shopify and others
✔ API for integrating Products and Orders with platforms or systems
✔ It is optional to make your products available with or without discount to be resold by DropShippers
✔ Help new entrepreneurs and resellers to resell their products
✔ Do you have products stopped in stock? Let DropShippers resell
✔ Your products/brand will be promoted on various sales and marketing channels by DropShippers
✔ and more …

Need an e-commerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket, check out the plans:

Services Full Service Amazon Marketplace Management

Amazon Vendor and Seller
Full Service Amazon Marketplace Management

Growing Amazon Vendor or Seller sales is what we’re best at. Our full-service management includes all the core services your business needs to succeed on Amazon and access to our entire team of Amazon experts.

What We Do?

We learn your business, your catalogue, the market, and your competitors. We figure out your market share and the opportunities we have to grow it. We assess your catalogue and understand where your revenue is coming from so we know where to apply our resources.

We get our creative teams working together on your behalf to generate product detail pages that tell a powerful story designed to maximize conversion.

Launch strategies, advertising strategies, sales, promotions, video, bundles and more. We strategize and take advantage of every lever Amazon gives us to put your brand in front of more relevant shoppers.

Our services cover the essential needs for a healthy Amazon business

Brand & Product Management
Presenting your Brand and Products to eComm Consumers is vital for your online success.

Online Presentation
Your eComm shelf-space is your Amazon Detail Page. Customer-friendly presentation, key feature call-outs, and lifestyle benefits are paramount to converting shoppers into a sale.

Brand Protection
Amazon has created a powerful system to protect your Brand on Amazon. We work closely with you to highlight your Brand strengths and secure your business against counterfeits and fraudulent resellers.

We have teams in place to control your MAP on Amazon, or to price-test new products in the market – optimizing for maximum ROI.

Amazon Product
Listing Optimization
Ongoing Product Title, Bullet Points, Variation Optimization
Ongoing Product Keyword Research/Optimization
Category Mapping

Review Control
Customer reviews on Amazon are essential to your Brand’s success. We actively manage these reviews: from reaching out to ensure satisfaction to following up on poor reviews to resolve concerns.

Amazon Backend
Amazon’s system looks for specific things when determining who gets the top search results – and we optimize for these key variables. In addition, there are best practices when dealing with a catalogue with over a Billion listings to ensure future issues don’t arise.

New Product Creation on Amazon Accounts
Full Product Listing Set Up
Images Import
Copy Creation/Narrative Creation
Product Detail Page Optimization
FBA Set Up

Amazon Category Unlocking
Manage Application and Approval Process to get Approved to Sell in Specific Amazon Categories
Must use manufacturer UPC/EAN/GTIN code
Must be sold in new condition
Provide documentation requested by Amazon after approval request

Shipping Plan Creation
Creating Shipping Plans to Send Products to Amazon
Create Product and Shipment Labels
Verify Shipment is Received in Full by Amazon
Reconcile if Necessary

Competitor Analyses
Conduct analysis of competitors operating on Amazon to know their specific pricing strategies
Research on keywords (SEO for Amazon) used by your main competitor products
Recognize growth potential and a short-term and a long-term Amazon’s growth trajectory

Ensure products are against compliance on the country/ European level
Understanding the legal aspects and act accordingly


Utilize Amazon Pay Per Click advertising to drive shoppers to your products.

Amazon Sponsored Ads Management
Amazon boasts 2-3B visits per month, from more than 200M unique monthly visitors. 85% of those visitors use keywords to discover your product. We use the most sophisticated strategies to market your products on the most effective keywords on Amazon.

Amazon DSP Marketing
Likely the biggest marketing growth opportunity, Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform is a closed-network of powerful ads that reach hundreds of millions of shoppers. We work with you to set up, manage, and take full advantage of this system that can even target customer demographic and purchase behaviours.

Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Amazon SEO primarily comes down to one thing – your sales on a particular keyword. We use our proprietary technology to track millions of keywords and your sales rank. With this data, we develop a strategic plan to improve your SEO position and keyword rank.

Special Promotions
A good Promotion can boost sales 5x or more. We work with you to set up powerful promotions for your customers. We maximize seasonal promotions, lightning deals, Off-Amazon promotions, and special partnership deals on Amazon.

Sales Channel Expansion

We will help you target where the next biggest opportunity awaits.

Amazon International Expansion
Amazon has over a dozen live marketplaces around the world. Amazon US is the largest, but still only about 50% of the total sales. Once a Brand is ready, we are equipped to take them from the US to other channels – OR bring them from foreign markets to launch into the US. We’ve seen channel expansion add more than 100% sales growth to a brand.

Customer Service

Amazon Issue Resolutions
Dealing with a live marketplace on Amazon can be a full-time job. We have specialized teams who know what to say and when to say it to get an issue handled within Amazon. We’ve resolved thousands of issues, including ASIN and Account suspensions to keep Brands operating at full capacity.

Feedback & Review Gathering
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on behalf of our Brands. To ensure the best Customer Service, we actively reach out to buyers regarding their experience and ask for feedback. We provide this information to Brands to further improve their products and marketplace position.

Negative Review Management
On a live marketplace, there will almost certainly be those unhappy with a product or situation. When a negative review comes in, we actively contact these customers in an attempt to understand and ultimately resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Customer Service Management
Good Customer Service is ensuring customers feel cared for. This includes timely, accurate, and well-mannered responses. Our CS teams build customized responses for each Brand, to ensure the Brand’s tone and values are carried through to the customer. Our response SLAs are quick.

Integrated API system for DropShipping on e-commerce, shopping cart, electronic catalog, virtual shopping, marketplace and virtual supermarket platforms

Transform your online store into a DropShipping system with our platform, increase your sales and your customer base, the API system for DropShipping automates the processes of products and orders.

Check out the tutorials:

Need an e-commerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket, check out the plans:

MFORMULA customers can sell or advertise for free on the eComBR Marketplace

MFORMULA customers who have active plans can sell or advertise their products for free on the paid plan on our new Marketplace

Check out the advantages of selling or advertising on the Marketplace, visit:

If you have a virtual store with a domain with the mformula, follow the instructions below:

01) Create your account at

02) Contact us by email, Whatsapp or help desk informing your registration email to configure the API integration

03) Schedule the training to teach you how to register/synchronize your products from your virtual store on the marketplace

If you do not have a virtual store with the mformula, you can register through the control panel of, follow the instructions below:

01) Create your account at

02) Contact us by email, Whatsapp or help desk informing your registration email

03) We will return the contact by activating your account on the paid plan

04) Access your account at and check the seller’s control panel for managing your products/ads and sales

If you want to migrate or create your online store with mformula, visit: or

The product sales and advertising contract will be available after creating your Marketplace account at

How to activate/deactivate the Buy or Quote button by WhatsApp on the platform of e-commerce, shopping cart, quote system, electronic catalog, virtual shopping, marketplace and virtual supermarket

Increase your sales or quotes by activating the Buy or Quote via WhatsApp button on the products page.

Check out the demo store, visit:

Learn how to configure, visit:

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MFORMULA offers services, consulting, solutions and training in Power BI – Business Intelligence & Data

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Microsoft Power BI
Business Intelligence Deployment and Management

Crystallize your view of each department and make data-driven decisions faster with proven Power BI services from MFORMULA

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

Investing in business intelligence solutions like Power BI can be a game-changer for your business and strategy. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that synthesizes your most critical business data. Power BI Desktop allows you to create rich interactive reports, dashboards, insights.

The Business Benefits of Power BI

Gain Complete Insight Into Your Company
Gone are the days of manually generating reports and sharing with your team. Power BI consolidates information and data across systems, providing a comprehensive view of customer service, financials, inventory, sales and much more. With instant access to dashboards, KPIs and updated company data, you can monitor change and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

Curate Custom Content Instantly
Create and publish content packs – including dashboards, reports, insights and datasets – to your team or your entire business. With custom reports, every user gains a personalized view of the most important business metrics.

Boost Productivity and Collaboration
Too often in business, employees and stakeholders make decisions based on inconsistent or incomplete data. With Power BI Groups, you can easily collaborate with stakeholders to ensure everyone has accurate data and boost productivity across the organization.

Cut Through the Decision-Making Cycle
With Power BI and native apps, you can publish and share interactive reports easily from anywhere, empowering decision-makers with information when and where they need it.

Standardize KPIs and Create Accountability
Quantifying goals and confidently tracking progress isn’t always an exact science, and this uncertainty can stall your long-term goals. With thorough reports, you can assign accountability to particular KPIs, align business activity with strategic goals and reach milestones faster.

Have All Your Data in One Place
Access your data regardless of its form or where it lives, including Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data and on-premises databases. Implementing Power BI provides a holistic view of the most essential metrics for your business. With touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS and Android, you can access all your data from anywhere and eliminate duplicate content.

Better Understand and Utilize Data

At MFORMULA, we understand that implementing and maintaining Power BI is a collaborative process between IT and your business. We’re also well-versed in the blind spots involved in collecting and maintaining data.

We partner with your business to deploy BI, fully train users and serve as your dedicated BI liaison. With MFORMULA Power BI services, data can become a reliable business ally for everyone in your organization, taking you further, faster.

Confidently Prepare Data to Analyze

Getting data ready to analyze can be time-consuming. The data shaping and modelling capabilities of Power BI Desktop help ease this process. However, to guarantee you have the most up-to-date information, you need an experienced Microsoft Power BI partner like MFORMULA to assist in the deployment and management.

Champion Power BI Across Your Business
Implementing Power BI is the first step in gaining a clear view of your business. But much of the work occurs after BI is rolled out. Once set up, MFORMULA will champion its growth and adoption across your business. To ensure you are generating complete and accurate metrics, we work with you to regularly add data and reports to the platform.

Fully Utilize Power BI With User Training
User training is also critical. Without key employees pulling reports and fully engaging in the platform, the solution won’t do much to propel your business forward. MFORMULA provides comprehensive user training to make sure Power BI becomes a helpful, user-friendly solution for everyone.

MFORMULA – Power BI Services, Consulting, Solutions & Training
MFORMULA uses an agile methodology to assess your needs, plan and design the architecture, and then to deliver a working system as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

By building on your existing technology investments, we can ensure a seamless transition that allows employees access to accurate, up-to-date information with minimal training time and maximum productivity and profitability.

How to be a supplier of dropshipping products?

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To be a supplier of dropshipping products, your business needs to offer a good profit margin to dropshipping resellers and the resale price must be close to that of other competitors in the market.

What are the advantages of being a dropshipping product supplier?

Sell ​​subscription plans
You will be able to sell subscription plans to monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual dropshipping resellers, thereby freeing up access to your stock only for resellers interested in reselling your products and also to cover the cost of expenses to provide this technology to drop shippers.

Increase sales
Leverage your sales due to resellers driving sales in your own e-commerce, marketplaces, social networks, applications and digital marketing with the purpose of selling in order to profit.

Attract more customers and registrations
In addition to reaching your audience, you can attract new resellers from different segments interested in reselling your product in order to profit, many of these resellers already have a structured system, public, followers and advanced digital marketing.

Marketing your product and brand
Your product or brand will be promoted by dropshipping resellers on blogs, social networks, and digital marketing by drop shippers, thus retaining the name of your product and brand for thousands of people.

Sell ​​your product in other countries
Due to the globalized world, your company does not need to be physically in other countries, which requires a high investment, just make it available in other currencies and languages, this way you can attract drop shippers resellers in several countries

I already have an online store but my system doesn’t have the resources to be a dropshipping provider?

You can continue with your virtual store or create/migrate to the mformula platform that has a structured system for your business to be a dropshipping supplier

– Create dropshipping groups
– Create monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription plans
– Recurring payment of subscription plans
– Management of dropshipping orders, groups and customers
– Offer discounts for dropshipping
– Active customers who have contracted the subscription plan will be able to generate their inventory Datafeed in CSV or XML format for platforms such as Wix, Woocommerce, Shopify, MFORMULA and others, to import and synchronize the product catalogue
– Dropshipping will be able to fill in the buyer’s shipping address at checkout

Need an e-commerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket, check out the plans:

Set of images for banners, social networks and email marketing of the main holidays – exclusive for active mformula customers

To help with planning, we have prepared some images to use as a banner, in your social network or in email marketing with the main dates of the marketing calendar – exclusive for active customers of mformula

January 30 – Day of Saudade
February 14 – Valentine’s Day
March 8 – International Women’s Day
March 15 – Consumer Day
April 23 – World Book Day
End of April – Free Shipping Day
May 1 – Labor Day
Mothers Day
June 12 – Valentine’s Day
July 13 – Rock Day
July 30 – International Friendship Day
Father’s Day
August 15 – Computer Day
September 15 – Customer Day
October 4 – World Animal Day
October 12 – Children’s Day
October 31 – Halloween
sexta-feira Negra
Cyber Monday
December 25 – Christmas
January 1 – New Year

Banner size:
120×600 pixel
300×250 pixel
728×90 pixel
1920×600 pixel

File format:
PNG File (.png)
JPG File (.jpg)

Request your permission (exclusive for active customers of mformula):

Integrated Google Charts in reports on the platform e-commerce, shopping cart, e-catalog, virtual shopping, marketplace and virtual supermarket

Complete reports of products, customers, sales, platform and more in Google Charts on the platform e-commerce, shopping cart, e-catalog, virtual shopping, marketplace and virtual supermarket

Need an e-commerce shopping cart, electronic catalog or virtual supermarket, check out the plans: